Dutch NGO Natuur & Milieu

Natuur & Milieu endorses the scientific LCA-method of the Eco Rating®. Why?
by Tjerk Wagenaar, Director Natuur & Milieu

Natuur & Milieu is working heart and soul for a sustainable, healthy world.

Together with people, businesses and authorities we want to make a difference with clean energy, smart mobility and healthy food. Together we use more resources than is available on Earth. Which is why the Earth is overburdened. If we carry on this way, in around 2040 we will need two Earths to meet our demands. Natuur & Milieu is, therefore, pleased to work with companies to develop sustainable solutions that can be used conveniently by consumers.

This is why Natuur & Milieu organised the collective solar panel purchasing campaigns that have resulted in thousands of people now generating sustainable energy on their own roofs. We have also distributed, free of charge, 2 million tasty meat substitutes to show how easy it is to be ‘flexi-tarian’. And we are also working on projects such as turning the Dutch A15 road into an electric motorway on which electric cars drive on fuel generated sustainably alongside the road.

Often we don’t even notice it, but even the small things in our daily lives can have a major impact on the environment. Which is why it is important that consumers understand how sustainable their choices really are.

And that is why Natuur & Milieu is very enthusiastic about the insight the Paardekooper Van der Windt Group’s LCA Method offers for calculating environmental impact. For several years we have watched from the sideline and contributed our thoughts during the development of both the Life Cycle Assessment Method (LCA Method) and the Eco Rating®. By making products’ environmental impact measurable on no less than 19 different impact factors we now have a firm and detailed basis for comparison, which means we can now measure the environmental impact of disposables and packaging thoroughly and unequivocally.

The environmental impact of products can be easily identified thanks to the 5 star Eco Rating® system. This Eco Rating® indicates very clearly the degree of environmental impact that has been determined on the basis of the LCA Method and material analyses.

Making this information accessible to consumers and large-scale users in an uncomplicated way enables them to make the right choices easily and on a well-founded basis. Natuur & Milieu is a staunch believer of the circular economy. This does not only include appropriate waste processing and recycling, it is also of prime importance that users can make a considered and well-informed choice for the sustainable alternative.

This is why Natuur & Milieu endorses the scientific method, which forms the basis for the Eco Rating®.