Bright®  thinkers consider the world

There are many brands and products on the market that claim they are better for the environment than others. In many cases this claim is based on only one, or at most a few, of the aspects that put pressure on the environment. Whether organic material has been used for the product, for example, or whether the product can be recycled. But:


Bright® believes that an environmental claim is only of value if a wide spectrum of factors, that put pressure on the environment throughout a products entire life-cycle, are taken into consideration.

Which is why for the past few years Paardekooper Van der Windt Group, in close cooperation with scientists and Natuur & Milieu (Dutch Nature & Environment NGO), have worked on the development of a Life Cycle Assessment system in which a total of 19 environmental impact factors are measured.

To enable our clients and consumers to clearly understand a product’s environmental impact we have developed a rating system – the Eco Rating®. Only products that attain at least 3 stars will qualify as Bright®. That means Bright® products put measurably less pressure on the environment.