Alan Campbell is the Paardekooper Van der Windt Group’s Technical Director. Since 1984 he has been involved in the study and development of models for eco-innovation in food packaging and disposables.

Alan is at the grass roots of the development of the Paardekooper Van der Windt Group’s Life Cycle Assessment Method (LCA Method). This method was developed on the basis of the conviction that only an LCA-driven approach could lead to a measurably lower environmental impact of packaging and disposables.

During his career Alan has built-up an extensive international network of scientist and academics. He is a regular guest lecturer at universities in the Netherlands and Belgium and is frequently asked to explain his vision of packaging in relation to environmental impact as an invited speaker at seminars and conferences.

Alan is a member of a team of specialists in the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs’ Innovatiegerichte Onderzoeksprogramma Verpakkingsketens van Agentschap NL (Innovation-oriented Research Programme “Packaging Chains in lasting Balance”). This programme investigates the relationship between packaging and packaged products from an LCA perspective.