The PACOMBI GROUP is a family business that, with approximately 380 FTEs, has an annual turnover of approximately € 250 million in sales of packaging, disposables and business consumables.

The PACOMBI GROUP is active in various markets including retail, food service, industry and the agricultural and horticultural sectors. The Group’s product range includes over 40,000 articles.

The companies in the PACOMBI GROUP are:

  • Paardekooper Verpakkingen
  • Van der Windt Verpakking
  • Depa Disposables
  • Halma Packaging
  • Olsthoorn Verpakkingen
  • TVD Europe
  • The LCA Centre

Trendsetter in sustainability
With the introduction of Bright® the PACOMBI GROUP wants to encourage eco-innovation through the development of this quantitative and comparative LCA-method for calculating a product’s environmental impact.

CSR policy
Our CSR policy is based on our drive to make a practical contribution towards an improved society. Mankind is facing numerous global problems, such as explosive population growth, the depletion of natural resources and climate change. The best way to make a contribution is to improve the products we sell every day.

Our ambition
The PACOMBI GROUP is a staunch believer in LCA-driven eco-innovation. Which is why we are calling on every party in the supply chain to act together to achieve a maximum and measurable reduction in the environmental impact of packaging and disposables.

In the coming months and years the range of Bright® branded products will increase rapidly and will be marketed internationally.