Eco Rating®

Eco Rating®

To enable our clients and consumers to clearly understand a product’s environmental impact we have developed a rating system based on a scale from 0 to 5 stars: the lower a product’s environmental impact, the more stars it is given.

The first step towards this was to divide products into categories. This determines which products can reasonably be included in the analysis. The criteria focuses on product functionality.

The second step is to gather as many products available on the market as possible and put them into their category. All the products in a particular category are analysed in The LCA Centre and then our LCA Method is applied. The outcome enables us to compare the products in terms of their environmental impact, based on 19 impact factors.

The average environmental impact of all the analyses of products in a category is rated 2.5 stars. Products score more or less stars if they are better or worse than the product category average for one or more of the environmental impact factors.

At least 3 stars for Bright®

Only products that attain at least 3 stars according to the Eco Rating® qualify as Bright®. This makes Bright® products verifiably less impactful to the environment. The packaging of all Bright® products carries a QR-code that links to a website in which the results for all 19 environmental impact factors can be viewed in detail per product category. When you opt for Bright®, you are opting for products that really contribute towards a reduced environmental impact. Do your bit. Think Bright !

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