Why Bright® products are less impactful to the environment?

Manufacturers and retailers have the power, and the responsibility, to influence consumption patterns. By offering products that are put verifiably less pressure on the environment! And by informing consumers and convincing them to opt for these products!

Only products that attain 3 stars according to the Eco Rating® will qualify as Bright®. The average environmental impact of products is rated 2.5 stars. So Bright® products are less impactful on the environment.

Bright® products are also attractive for the consumer because they are competitively priced and meet all the functional product demands.

Why Bright® products are verifiably less impactful to the environment ?

Every Bright® product has an Eco Rating®. This Eco Rating®, expressed in stars on a scale from 0 to 5, is based on the Paardekooper Van der Windt Group’s LCA Method.

The LCA Method was developed in close co-operation with scientists and Natuur & Milieu (the Dutch Nature & Environment NGO). Using the LCA Method enables the environmental impact of a product to be expressed numerically. The more stars a product has, the lower its impact on the environment.

All Bright® products carry a QR code on their packaging. This links to a web page that shows, in clear terms, how the product scores compared to the average in respect of all 19 environmental factors.

“Giving consumers the optimum support when it comes to making sustainable choices is absolutely vital. Only then the demand for sustainable products will increase.” (Source: SER)