• Bright® thinkers consider the world

  • Bright® is verifiably lower environmentally impactful

  • Natuur & Milieu (Dutch Nature & Environment NGO) supports the scientific method behind the Eco Rating

Bright® believers

  • Global population is cutting trees faster than they can regrow.
  • We are pumping water from rivers faster than rainfall can replenish.
  • We are emitting more climate-warming CO2 than oceans and forests can absorb.

This demands a careful use of raw materials.

Thanks to our LCA Method we are acquiring a large amount of new knowledge about the environmental impact of our products. This enables us to improve our products by reducing their environmental impact. We’re working on it day in and day out! Only products that clearly score higher than the average comparable product in the market are sold under the Bright® brand.

Bright® is a revolutionary way of thinking, that overcomes “greenwashing” and aids in the making of responsible choices. Acting together manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers have the power, and the responsibility, to influence consumer behaviour. So join in!

This organisation endorses the LCA Method:


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Bright® is open for a discussion

The PACOMBI GROUP, the concern behind Bright®, is a staunch believer in LCA-driven eco-innovation. Which is why we are calling on every party in the supply chain to act together to achieve a maximum and measurable reduction in the environmental impact of packaging and disposables.

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